Nobody gets me!!

Nobody gets me!!

Aww,my dear young lady, let me tell you one thing. I really do get you.I promise, I do. Let me tell you a short story. When I was younger, about your age , I used to have so much disagreements with my mom, in fact, up until last year. It ‘s like we were polar opposites, we saw things through totally different eyes, that led to our differences. Note, I love my mom soooo much, and she loves me too, but that doesn’t seem to eliminate our disparity. I got tired of the silly disagreements, and I needed to talk to a friend, who talked some sense into my head, I also discovered it was quite childish of me to keep arguing.everybody has differences, so it’s best to keep quiet sometimes.So, since then, I’ve been learning to keep shut, even though it’s quite hard.

Yeah, I know you want to be heard, everyone wants to, even a three-year old wants to ( do you have a younger sibling, yeah, imagine how annoying they can be when they start crying for stuff), but you can be cooler about wanting to be heard. You do not have to scream (you definitely have to respect your parents), you also do not have to argue(respect their views, not easy,but you can try,and you’ll see it’ll reduce friction.)img_20170106_072059

If you are a younger teen, and you want a phone,but your mom is so against it, I know your first instinct is to go raving mad, but honey no, there won’t be much difference between you and your little sibling (just that you’re taller LOL).I know you might not agree with me, but your mom definitely knows what’s best for you.You’ll grow older, you’ll get the phone(and many more). Yeah, i know almost all your friends have phones, and you feel like the odd one out, you can talk to your mommy about it, she may let you have it,but, you may not be allowed to take it out (yeah,my mom did the same), don’t worry you’ll definitely grow older. I have my phone to myself all the time without anyone getting upset.Remember she’s only doing it out of love. Or is it  that skimpy but very fab dress she won’t let you wear? she’s just being a mom, protecting, loving and teaching you the right things to do. You might not see it that way, but that’s what she’s definitely doing. It’s all for your good. If after all this (looking at it from a new perspective), you still feel nobody gets you, I have a great suggestion why not talk to Jesus? Tell him exactly how you feel, he understands, after all, he’s our bff. He’ll understand you,even if nobody else does.

I love you.


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