She’s so single, yet everything is made for two , she sees a beautiful watch she’ll love to buy so very much, but it’s from a pair tagged “his and hers”. She goes into a restaurant and it’s arranged in an “only for couples style”, she doesn’t have a choice, so she sits alone, sips her drink, stares at her phone to keep her eyes from wandering

 and looking at the pretty couple loving up at the corner while she desperately hopes no one comes to sit with her. All her friends have boyfriends and fiances, but that’s not the issue, it’s deeper than that. she’s so lonely, she craves to be with someone, someone who’ll light up her world, someone who will be there for her, when no one else is. Above all, she needs someone to love, someone who will love her in ways words cannot describe.

So many young women are in this position, countless in fact, and somehow Mr the one isn’t showing up, or maybe he’s shown up, but God is telling you to wait. Dear God!!! How on earth do you wait? It’s so hard, and you’re so lonely. Well, let me tell you a secret. A secret someone told me.

He said “learn to enjoy your own company.” I was very surprised, like “what is this guy saying , I’m complaining about loneliness/ boredom and he’s telling me to enjoy my company.” I thought and thought about this for days, and decided to try to enjoy my company, I’m a fun person (when I want to be), so why’s it until I’m with someone the fun part has to come out.So, I  took myself on a date, studied people,delved into my mind, had productive thoughts. I even went to see a movie myself, even though 99.99% of the people there had dates or friends. It was quite weird at first, but I liked it eventually. I laughed so hard, talked to a random person.It was fun in all. img_20170109_171355

I started reading more than ever, I came across a book, THE 5 LOVE LANGUAGES written by GARY CHAPMAN (I’ll definitely write about it later), and other books, I also write more, I even think a lot more, I ask myself engaging questions,and I try to find answers.In short, I have a beautiful relationship with myself, and I love it. This, however, doesn’t eliminate the feeling of loneliness, but it’s reduced greeaatttllyyy. I know so much about myself now, and it excites me.

I know it might not be easy dealing with loneliness, but treasure this beautiful period. You won’t have it forever, so find yourself, know yourself and love yourself. He’ll come at the right time God has set, so do not be worried my dear friend. I’ll have something like a part 2 of this topic, by God’s grace.

I love you so very much.


















7 thoughts on “SO SINGLE

  1. Dosunmu Ifeoluwa says:

    yaayy…most often we become lonely when he or she isn’t there because we do not derive joy in ourselves….if we don’t have a relationship with ourselves how do we expect to have it with others…we build relationship with our personal self most times when we are alone….thanks for the piece…appreciate yourself first so you can relate well with others!

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