I am so sorry this is coming in late, like I’m so very very tired but because I have committed myself, I don’t think I have any choice.

Today, I’ll just write a little (very little) about fashion. Yeah,everyone wants to look good. In fact, it’s important we look good, but as Christians we also have to be modest.Even the proverbs 31 woman liked to look good,she didn’t wear just anything, she wore freaking purple (signifies royalty), and silk. Check out Prov 31:22 (in as many translations as possible). GORGEOUS WOMAN, INSIDE and OUT.

So,today, I’ll put up some pictures. Pictures of outfits that are both beautiful and modest. I love them alllllll. Amazing inspo below.

Yup yup! Enjoy lovelies, You can comment your fav. I like everythinggg. I can’t even choose. I have so many other outfit inspirations, but that’ll be for another fashion episode.

Thank you all for reading, I’m so grateful.


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