To the bully and the bullied. 

So, here I am talking about bullying. Was about to say I haven’t experienced it when I just remembered,all of a sudden that I’ve been bullied in SS3 (grade 12)  can you believe?

Well, yeah, I had two mean classmates. I was the smallest in class, they made me feel really stupid almost all the time, they liked to shush me unnecessarily,i just used to feel so very blehhh near them (not like they were even the smartest set of people in class *rolls eyes*). Anyways, this message is for both the bully, and the bullied. 
To the “bully” 

Hi pretty lady, you’re taller for a reason, bigger for a reason, to protect the other girls from the mean boys. You shouldn’t make them feel dumb. You do not know what state of mind she’s in, you really do not want her to feel worse. Imagine someone else bullying you, you wouldn’t like it at all. So why make another person feel uncomfortable? Make the other person feel appreciated. You are not a bully, you’re a girl who makes others happy, try doing this, you’ll feel a lot better, I promise. 

To the bullied. 

Hi pretty lady, don’t feel bad cos you’re smallish, you’re cute (like me), do not accept bullying for any reason. Do not feel timid, stand up for your rights lol, but seriously. I do not mean fight back, I definitely don’t mean that, it’s not lady like, not even proper at all, and we’re growing to be proper women, right?

Plus I have a suggestion for you. Anytime anyone bullies you. REPORRRRTTTT!!!  JUST REPORT TO SOMEONE OLDER. Your teacher or your parents. 
This might not be much, but I just felt l needed to address it. After school today, I was with some of my students talking and having fun,and they told me about the ones that bully, and I will definitely have a word with those ones. 

Bullying ruins self esteem, and as unique girls, we’re supposed to help build eself esteem. It’s just love, nothing more. Plus, we’re cool people, right? Yeah. Kindness is the new cool

Much love 😍 

By the way I really want to know why people bully others. 


7 thoughts on “To the bully and the bullied. 

  1. Pinkspen says:

    Hurt people, hurt people. I don’t know where that quote comes from, but it is so relevant! Great post and thank you for sharing your thoughts! Please check out my blog when u can! I would love your feedback!

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  2. opemiipo says:

    Great stuff…. I just think bullying comes as a result of a void or a need for self justification basically low self esteem on the part of the bullies so they try to pick in others to be fulfilled or give themselves some kind of name or purpose but then all together it’s just nasty and uncalled for

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