No couple/relationship goals! 

Heyer sisterss, hope you had a great weekend? I did as well, thank you.

Just wanna talk about something I see so many young people (ladies especially) say. These words. This phrase. RELATIONSHIP GOALS. Yeah, I know you are so very familiar with that phrase, but I want to try to put it in perspective. Okay, to be very honest with you, I really really dislike those words when joined together to make a phrase.

Let me start with this. I’m about to check the meaning of the word “goal” and it means “a result that one is attempting to achieve.”

Yesterday night, I was on instagram, checking out someones page, him and his wife were being silly together, it made me smile, I thought they were cute, I decided to check out the comments, I was still smiling while reading, until I came across this “marriage goals” the smile disappeared from my face instantly.

It’s okay to apppreciate the beauty of a couple, it really is, but don’t make that your goal in life. You see a couple doing stuff, and the next thing.GOALS. I get that you want a romantic boyfriend or husband or something like that, but you don’t just sit and say ‘goals’.

There is something I always say. NOBODY’S RELATIONSHIP WILL EVER BE MY OWN GOAL. Not for any other reason other than the fact that it might all be a lie, people let you see what they want you to see. Even if their relationship is truly perfect (yay! good for them.) I will make my relationship mine, not a copy of other’s .It will be ours, we’ll set our  real goals together, we’ll create an amazing relationship, we’ll build the perfect relationship that we want, yes ,despite our differences.

Okay, I see a beautiful picture of an amazing couple doing some cool yoga stuff, and the next thing I say is goals. Oh! did I mention that I have a boyfriend? Oh yeah, I do, but this boyfriend can’t even do 20 push-ups to save his life, then I start daydreaming and wishing he could, then one day, bam! I see a well built human being who starts hitting on me,and I think, “see his abs, gosh! He’ll definitely be able to do 500 push-ups” and before I know it, things start going out of hand.

We underestimate sooooo many things,and it’s not right.

So, instead of sitting and goaling everyone’s relationship, and being a bit jealous,be realistic, work on your own relationship.

Thank you, I hope you learnt a thing or two.


2 thoughts on “No couple/relationship goals! 

  1. Seun Olagunju says:

    Lol at ‘this boyfriend can’t even do 20 push-ups to save his life.’ I totally get you Fifehan, maybe because I feel the same way when I see comments that read GOALs. Gosh!

    Anyway, thanks for this. I learnt something.

    Liked by 1 person

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