Well made and Elegant (ep2) 

​Good day guys, hope y’all been good since I last wrote? I’ve been good as well. 

Today, because I really dunno what to talk about, I’ll just do a second fashion episode. If you enjoyed the first episode, I believe you’ll enjoy this one. I’m sure I’ll have 50 episodes😂, but I won’t be talking fashion next week Wednesday. 
I hear people say it’s becoming increasingly hard for ladies to dress modestly, that most clothes being made these days are sluttyish, but I totally disagree. There are so many beautiful clothes being sold, you don’t have to lie because you want an excuse to dress up in a not so moderate manner. So, Yeah, you’ll see beautiful and modest outfits below that you can copy.

Something that would have otherwise been too simple, but the bows🎀😘

Could be worn for a casual date,or anywhere in fact, looks so comfyy

The little black dress.😍😍

This is beautiful. Nothing more to add.


Love me some denim on denim 👖

This is something you’ll definitely find me wearing. Very simple and pretty 😍

I like this,the dress looks sooo freee. Let your body breathe typa dress💜


This is very daring! Kudos!! I mean, she put these colors together so well, without looking chaotic, plus it’s so girly and cute. 👌👏💗

Casual for the win! 💞

Black and gold. I like. Elegant, simple, and I love the prints!!!

So tempted to say this is my fav, but I won’t. 💕


@stylepantry 😥😥😥😥😥 I love this tooooooooo muchh😍😍😍😍😍😍


@style_by_dolaaapo, how can an outfit be casual and elegant at the same time?! I love love. 😘 😘

Can I hug the “wearer” of this outfit? It’s so perfect 👌 .

Quite unconventional, but @stylepantry nails it every time. I love “unconventional” looks.

What’s not to love? I lovveee the purse.

Retro😍😍😍 @cassiedaves

I know, right. I love them all.very amazing outfits. I know that some of you are wondering where I got these pictures from. Well, because I’m nice, I’ll give you some of their Instagram handles. 
@nicholeciotti, @stylepantry, @ootdmagazine,@style_by_dolaaapo, @cassiedaves 

Bye guys, thanks for reading, catch you guys soon. 


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