My body is changing!!! 

Wow! I’m so tired and sleepy lol,but today I’ll talk about something so many young teens can relate to. I’d like to title it Puberty and the physical and emotional changes, but it’s not health education, just me saying stuff I know you can relate with. So let’s scratch that topic. 

Yeah! It’s all weird, these body changes, so very weird, you don’t know how to handle them, you feel too shy to talk to your mom or dad, I understand. The annoying thing is that it’s not only your body that’s changing, your mind is Changing too!!!!  You’ve started noticing boys in a different way. There’s a way you feel when you’re near this guy. But wait!! How’s it that it’s all just happening at once?! 

Well, let me tell you something. All you’re experiencing is normal, yeah, it is, trust me. I’ve crushed on so many guys in my life. I know you may not  like these weird things happening to you, but congratulations!!!! You are growing into a woman, and I’m very proud of you. 

You’re growing up now, you’re becoming a lady. Not just an ordinary one, but a unique one. 

I was at work some days ago, and I was talking with two of my amazing students, and somehow, our gist led to different stuff and she asked me a question, she said “Miss Marquis, do you think this guy would ask me to be his Val?” She’s just 10 or 11 thereabout. I didn’t make her feel stupid for telling me, I just asked her “do you like him? ” and then she was nodding in a sheepish way, then I told her “I don’t know, but don’t think to much about it so you won’t end up being disappointed if he doesn’t ask you.” she nodded and I teased her lightly about it. 

Some of you might be wondering why I didn’t tell her not tolike him or something like that. Well, here’s why I didn’t. I’ve been in her shoes before. I had my first serious crush when I was 12 or 13. I always looked forward to seeing this guy everything at school. I liked being near him, I liked everything about him, it was a harmless crush, but I couldn’t help it . just the hormones surging through my body. If anyone told me not to like him for so and so reason, I probably wouldn’t have listened. Of course, the crush faded. 

So dear young friend, it’s not weird for you to like this boy, it’s only part of the changes you’re going through. I would never ever tell you not to like any boy, but when you do, tell someone (not your friend) an older person, someone you love and respect, an exemplary model. Talk to her, and let her put you in perspective, it’s the only way.  She’s gone through it before, she’s had crushes on boys before, so if you need help, talk to her. 

Now, bodily changes. Yeah, you now have boobs or you’ve started your period, I know, you’re not sure about how you feel about it, well, you have to be happy sis, cos you’re being welcomed  into womanhood. I remember I was nonchalant about the boobs part lol. It was just too weird for me to accept, well don’t be like me. 

I’ve also noticed that when some girls start their periods, they become err egoistic. I really don’t get it, but let me tell you dear, you have sooooo much to learn, so very much to learn. So you still have to submit yourself. Starting all these before your friends doesn’t mean you’re better or something. We all grow at different paces, we have different bodies. Not to be boastful or anything, but I remember that when I started my period before my then best friend, I tried not to make her feel sad or abnormal, I told her I wished I hadn’t started, because it was annoying (and I meant it).I just tried not to make her feel bad. 

Sisters should uplift themselves not bring themselves down. The sky is enough for all love ya. 

I’ll talk about hygiene in the lifestyle category. Love y’all 


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