Hygiene: Dressed to kill, yet dead inside. 

Hello unique ladiesss, hope y’all been good? 

Today, I’ll talk about something that is really really important. Hygiene. 

So, let’s be honest here. Most of us like to look good right?  We like being slayers lol, you know, “dressing to kill” and all, but here’s the thing. Some of us aren’t as neat or as clean as we look on the outside. Am I lying?  We leave our rooms in a huge mess, but we don’t care since no one is looking there. 

Might not be this bad, but… 

Oh come here sis, I know it’s easier to not make your room pretty before leaving for work or school  and all, but it’s definitely better. I can hear someone say something like “I don’t have time”  well, make time for it. Let me tell you  a definition of hypocrisy: Hypocrisy is when you want to look fine on the outside, but your room is in a big fat mess (well, that’s my definition). 
When I  was in school, even up till now (I’m not perfect, I don’t even always have a neat room but I try to make it look okay, I still have a goal though ) I always tried to make my bed, like even if it’s the only thing I do, it’s fine. I hated leaving for class, and seeing stuff on my bed, I didn’t mind putting stuff on the chair (you know that chair everyone has that’s for not clean, but not dirty clothes? Yeah, that’s the one)  but my bed just had to be neat. I think we can make our rooms neat, it’s just about priority (since you can make yourself look good, make your room or house look good as well). 

Now, to body odor. Look it’s not a sin, some people, no matter what, just have body odor,but it becomes wrong when you don’t help yourself smell nice. Only people that truly love you will tell you that you don’t smell nicely (and that’s like 0.01%), others will either deceive or talk behind your back. Now, let’s be sincere, you know you have body odor right?

 Well here are some things you can do:

*Take your bath at least twice a day. I know, you’re too tired you can’t even more your feet, but it’s all  discipline, plus you know what you’re aiming at. 

*Use deodorants, sprays and perfumes. These things are quite cheap, so use them to your advantage. You don’t have to buy designer brands, just buy something that smells nice. 

*I think that’s all. 

Lastly, underwears. Please don’t pretend, but I know some people don’t wash their underwear everyday. Like, why?!!!!! Why do you have to wait till Saturday to wash all the panties you used for a whole week? ! It doesn’t cost much effort at all. Let me give you a good suggestion. Whenever you’re bathing, you can wash it. It’s that simple. 

Bras Bras Bras, I don’t why us ladies feel like our Bras don’t need washing, at most, Bras should be washed every two days, why?  Because we sweat and even though we might not see it, it stains our Bras, imagine the gory picture  of wearing a sweat stained bra for 5 days!  White Bras should be worn only once! 

Proper hygiene shows you’re a different person. How will you be diligent in homemaking (proverbs 31:19 MSG)when you’re not diligent with your tiny little space, called your room, or your body. He that is faithful in little will b faithful in much. So, for those of you that are craving husbands and children, do you think you are really ready? 

Tbh, I was feeling quite weird typing this out to people, but it’s only necessary. Hope you learnt something? Thanks for reading. Much love. 


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