I need attention!! And I need it now!!! 

My dear girl child, my dear teenage girl, I’ve been among so many teen girls recently, well, I’ve also been a teen, so I can relate. Am I correct when I say sometimes you crave attention? Even if you are the world’s most shy person, you still want that attention. The problem however, is that whoever gives you that attention, no matter who he or she is, you are grateful for the attention and you give yourself to the person. 

Let me tell you something hun, you are a woman of worth, don’t just  give your self out to anyone who pays attention to you. 

Let me tell you a secret. I have two major love languages, but I haven’t been receiving much of those. Now there’s this guy who speaks one of those languages to me (he doesn’t know) , and it’s only natural for me to respond positively Yeah? So yeah, my tank was being filled. 

Not like I like like him (Def do not) , you get?  But I had to tell myself “Lois, because you need attention doesn’t mean you jump on anybody that showers you with it” and I did put myself in order. 

Getting attention from the wrong set of people or Person ain’t cool hun, it can lead to so many wrong things and bad decisions, we’ll, it was a bad decision in the first place. 

You know why some people do awful things in this planet? It’s all because they want attention, but the truth is there are cooler ways to get attention from cool people. Some just want love from their parents, and they go to any length to get it. We’re different though, God cares for us, we just need to know that. He’s verryyy attentive. 

Learn those ways. God help. Plus there’ll be a post on THE FIVE LOVE LANGUAGES very soon in the singles category. 

Much love guys. 


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