Hey guys, how are y’all? 
I’ll be talking about Long distance relationships, well, how I view it. 

So many people hate long distance relationships, lemme tell you something, I really don’t think it’s all that bad. I believe that distance is overrated. You see, the only reason why I don’t like it is that I won’t be with my boyfriend all the time, and who doesn’t like to be all cuddled up with her boo,watch movies with him and fall asleep in his arms😍. Asides that, I have no problem with a long distance relationship. It’s just the mindset. 

Now, have you ever been away from someone you love for a while? How do you keep up with the person?  You COMMUNICATE! Now, that’s what is underrated. People don’t communicate with their loved ones and they think their relationships will work out. Well  honey boo, I hate to break it to you, but that relationship ain’t gonna work. 

You gotta talllkkkkk!!!!!  Talk does it,and I don’t mean just the how was your day and it ends there kind of talk. Talk about seemingly little things, talk about all you did at work, talk about what you ate, or that guy that’s been disturbing you, talk, talk talk. Damn! Just talk. I’m serious, I promise, it works like magic. 

Have a video chat with him at night, pray, study the word of God, Gist gist gist and play games. For this, God bless the Internet. 

Here’s one thing though. I do not advice not knowing someone before getting into a LDR (you get what I mean, right?) That’s just, I don’t know what to say. Not that it’s impossible, but I mean I advice you not to be in a LDR with someone you haven’t seen, please just get to know him. See him. You can’t just believe what he says man!

My main focus here although is for people who started dating before situations and circumstances arose, and put them in that position. I think it can be handled well. 

Tips on how to handle a LDR. 

Never stay mad at each other for too long (even for people who see each other everyday), because not seeing him kinda worsens it. 

Talk about everything. 

Do a lot of video calls

Don’t say you don’t like texting, or you’re not a texter. For the one, you should be a texter. 

God is the third cord in your relationship, the only one who has a say apart from you and him, so, involve him when things seem to get rough. 

You can still touch him y’know, I mean touch his heart, give him cool stuff, we now have online stores. 

If you can, surprise him and show up at his work place or at home and just appreciate that Priceless look of surprise on his face. 

Trustttt. People don’t trusttttt and it’s essential whether LDR or not. I  mean, why wouldn’t you trust the person you’re in a relationship with?? And you really expect it to work??? Sorry booboo, it won’t. 

Send videos of you being silly. Try not to let him feel your absence. 

Just love him. Love the hell out of him. 

Look the society is messed up. Ephesians 2:1 (MSG translation). Because the society thinks LDRs can’t work, doesn’t mean they truly can’t. They can. Plus with time, you guys will get back together in real life soon enough. 

Majorly, let God b the centre of your relationship. Love you sisterss. 

To think I was the one who created the acronym ‘LDR’ 😑:?



  1. Happy soul says:

    Truly a positive post about long distance relationship.. I like they way describe it.. It needs a strong bond and courage to do all possible things to make it work..and in some cases it works 🙂 ( mine’s working including lots of issues and its really hard) I hope others relationships also work out and they live happily ever after 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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