It just takes moving your lips to TALK to God. 

“Miss Marquis”,  she said. “I want to tell you something, a secret, I don’t want Tolu to hear me”. So, I told Tolu, “please, Jane wants to discuss something very important with me,  can you leave for a while, I promise, I’ll call you as soon as I’m done.” Tolu started going on and on about how she wanted to stay with me, in fact, she gave me just 5 minutes, I told her I  couldn’t promise. So she left, well,kinda, because she kept peeping through  the window. I told her to leave the window, now Jane started to discuss. She said “Miss Marquis, I don’t like my step mother” in my mind, I’m like “wow”, but I Said, “what happened, what did she do to you?” (I didn’t even know she had a step mother.) She went on and on about how she treats her and her brother constantly… You know the way the typical story is now,  anyways I let her pour her heart out, because she obviously wanted to talk to someone. When she finally came to an end(and after all my questions for a clearer picture),  because I didn’t know what to say, I said “I’m so sorry about all that has happened, but don’t worry, we’ll continue tomorrow” and then I hugged her and told her that all would be well.

Now, when I left,I just prayed, a very simple sentence or two. I told God that he should intervene in her family, and that he should tell me how I can help, what to do. I mean, there must have been a reason why she came to meet me of all the other adults there. That was where it ended. 

This afternoon, I saw her and she came to hug me, she said, “Miss Marquis, my step mother apologized to us yesterday, she was even crying”  we were both grinning, and I told her, “thank God, that’s what prayer does. I prayed for you). 

Lessons I learnt here: 

Dear teens, when you need help, talk to someone, when you’re going through stuff talk to someone. Not just anybody, but someone you know will guide you. 

Dear teens, learn to pray. God is your father, he’s inside you (woww cool, right?) he just needs you to talk to him. 

It just takes moving your lips to talk to God, it works wonders. I promise.

Dear women and teens, sometimes the reason God brings stuff your way, is so that you’ll talk to him about those things. Whenever God brings some your way and the person is in need of guidance or assistance, you should help, and the first step to take is to pray. 

 I’m sorry I couldn’t put up a post on Wednesday, I was soooooooo weak and tired. 
Thank y’all for reading, much love. 


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