Ladies, don’t date the car! 

So I saw this picture, and I felt inspired to write this post. 

So many women date men because of what the men have, which is quite materialistic. 

When I saw this picture, the first thing I said to myself was “is there anything I’m missing? Is there anything wrong with this car?” So, a lady would refuse a guy because he doesn’t drive a Bentley (I don’t even know what that looks like),well I believe that is very shallow. 

So many people young ladies claim to have “high standards”  when it comes to choosing a man (if you get what I mean), I’m not saying we shouldn’t have tastes or stuff like that, I mean we are human beings, we definitely have preferences,but some ladies are like “if he doesn’t have a car I can’t date him”  err excuse me miss, is it the car you want to date or the man? Please set your priorities right. Some might say the man has to be earning  a huge sum of money before she can date him, hate to break it to you sis, but you’re not in love with this guy. So, you really do not have high standards just really low ones. 

Now I’m not saying this because I don’t really fancy cars, I’m only saying it because I think it’s the truth. Learn to love and love for the right reasons. 

Now, I think the major reasons why a Christian woman should date a guy is because she loves the guy, God has given the go ahead, and her parents have agreed to the relationship. All those other ones of whether the guy has 10 cars or not doesn’t make much sense to me. 

The problem is that many women are either looking for mobile ATM machines or they aren’t patient. They want a ready made man, they don’t have the patience to build an empire with him. Glorryyyyy!!!! 🙌🙌🙌🙌. But you see, dear lady, you’ve gotta learn patience, it’s a very important virtue that sooo many people lack,which is very unfortunate. Why don’t you do this together, set these goals together, don’t just sit around and wait for some rich prince to carry you away. 

Date or marry someone because you love him. Date or marry someone because he’s worth your time and energy. Date or marry someone because of who he is, not because of what he has, or what his family has. 

Love that man to the bones, truly love him, cos love is amazziiinnnnggg. I love my man not because he is rich, not because he has that particular degree, not because he’s in a particular profession, but because of who he is. 

Let me answer that question. If my man comes with this car for our first date or second date or whatever, I’ll definitely  dance and hop in with so much joy, cos the one I love is in it and he loovvesss meeee, plus I ain’t dating no car, it’s the man I’m there for!!! 

Don’t be a car digger or gold or money or profession digger, be a woman of worth. 

Love y’all so much. 


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