My poems. 

OMG!!! I FORGOT I’m supposed to write, been crazy busy, had a tight schedule, so I’ll just show y’all a poem I wrote yesterday and one I wrote some months back . Love y’all.i should talk about something we all love next week Wednesday by God’s grace. F***😜😜😜

Poem 1

And so suddenly, 
I miss you. 

My bones feel it, 

My arms feel it

My heart feels it. 

It didn’t happen 

All at once, 

It was always 

A progression, 

From little pops

To a great explosion, 

I can’t hold it in anymore. 

Help me. 

Poem 2

All the things 

I wanted to tell you 

In real life, 

I found myself

Telling you 

In my dreams. 

Catch y’all later. Love you lots. 


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