Ladies, do the surprising too!!! 

So, I hear tomorrow’s Valentine’s day. A day that makes many ladies tingle. It even makes little girls tingle,while the boys are loaded with the burden of thinking about what to buy for the women. Why doesn’t it make the men tingle? I think it’s because they do all the giving, but why does it have to be the guy? The woman always looks forward to the day because  of what she’ll get from the man. I think that’s very unfair. Why can’t it be you, dear woman, doing the giving. Let tomorrow be a change-and every other day. 

Get him something special (something he’s always wanted.) 

Get him something special (something he never knew you could think of) 

Burst his brain (write him a love letter, and include something that only you both can understand) 

Do something special, doesn’t have to be anything bought. 

Take him on a date to a restaurant (some might say it sounds weird, but whatever, there are so many options). 

Go for a picnic. Just you and him. 

Add that spark, surprise him, love him. It’s not feminism, it’s just these simple letters, these letters combined to make a word I believe heals, this word that does wonders. This word, LOVE. I believe in the word LOVE, not because I’m a romantic person, but because I have seen the way God has shown mankind love. No one loves better than him. Why not learn from him. He gives. 

Frankly, I’m not a fan of valentine’s day, majorly because I believe that love should be shown EVERYDAY. So if you love me, show me everyday, in every little way. I’ll definitely feel more loved than putting all your love in just one day. 

So, Woman and men(I’m sure guys read this)  Love your girl or boyfriend(or husband or wife;fiancé or fiancée)  every single day, don’t wait till it’s his or her birthday or valentine’s day before you show love. 

Now, this is not to downplay the whole valentine’s day thingy, my own is that you should love every single day. Every little way counts. Love like you don’t care. Love like no one’s watching. Love like you’re learning from Christ.


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