Could I be Anorexic?

I hear people say it’s important to eat and blah blah. So I’ll be talking about food. I dunno how or why, but I have a love hate relationship with food. I like food and I don’t like food. Sounds weird right? 

Well, I would have talked about it through another perspective, but I just found out today that I’m underweight, and it’s not too cool. The thing is that I get tired of eating, once I’m hungry and I don’t eat immediately, the hunger disappears. 

I have to try to eat twice a day at most (notice I didn’t say at least), but that’s a start. I thrive on junk food a lot,funny thing is that one of my favorite channels if not my favorite channel, is Food network. Anyways, all I’m here to do today, is to encourage people like me to eat healthy meals, check the Internet for quick and easy meals to cook, if you work or are in college. It’s not easy at all, and I’m so scared of the of the challenge.  

I think not eating well has an adverse effect on our bodies and we are women, who’ll probably have children, get pregnant and all those things, and I trust we all want to do it the proper way. I’m talking to myself here as well,cause I don’t eat well at alllll. 


Now we have some who like to over eat, that one isn’t quite cool as well. Everything must be done in moderation. God help. I feel sleepy. I’ll talk to you on friday, by God’s grace. Meanwhile, enjoy pictures of these yummy meals!!! 

@9jafoodie. My favorite African soup. Ila Asepo

@9jafoodie OMG in Uni, I used to cook spag like ah! Not this nice though

Jollof rice for the win🙌 the chicken killed it!

@chef_jess I’m hungrrrrryyyyy!!!!

Not really a fan of egusi soup, but this one is definitely calling me.

Don’t tell @foodace, but I think she’s amazing!!!!!!! 😘😘😘😘

You can follow these guys if you want to feed your eyes and learn how to cook amazing meals. They don’t know me, I’m just a fan. 


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