Sexual activity and triggered Hormones. 

I don’t care if I sound Old in this post, but I’ll tell you all what I feel about sexual activity among teens.

I was thinking earlier this week about sexual purity. Now, I know it’s in vogue to have a boyfriend at maybe age, I really dunno, but at really tender ages. The thing that hurts me actually is the fact that so many young and beautiful ladies are so very active sexually. It hurts, because I know what it does to your mind. 

So many girls are ruining themselves all because they think purity is old fashioned. May God forgive whoever it is that started that thought process. 

Look, let me tell you, there are so many ways being sexually active can affect you. 

*You age way faster. I’m serious 

*Your mind becomes dirty! 

*You will never remain the same again! 

Amongst sooo very many things. 

I know, it feels totally good when  you’re being touched or kissed in sensitive places. I will definitely tell you the truth, but another truth again, is that you’ll feel Dirty when you’re done, why? Because you didn’t wait for the right time,  the right time seemed too far, so you decided to push it closer. To see and feel what others feel and see, but my lovely girl, I can assure you, not because I don’t want you to do it,or because I want to deprive you of something “cool”  but because I know it will be detrimental to your mind. 

I’m telling you this, because when you grow older,  you’ll cry so hard, and regret all you’ve done. You’ll keep telling yourself how you wish you didn’t do those things. 

I’m telling you not to start, because, when  you’ve made a decision to stop, that’s when the devil will pounce in and will look for ways for you to fall. You’ll fight so hard with the devil, with your mind. 

My dear young sister, please don’t do anything that will trigger these already surging hormones. I beg you. Abstain from movies that have sexual scenes, don’t read romance, or harlequin. I know you might be saying “I don’t feel a thing  when I read or watch such”  honey, your mind feels things, as well as your hormones. Don’t deceive yourself. 

 I love the teens of this generation so much, and I pray for you all constantly. May God bless you.  I suggest you get a purity ring, or something of importance, maybe a necklace, that can always remind you to wait, that can always remind you to stay pure, till you’re ready. 


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