Importance of healthy relationships. Lessons. From a girl that loves her bed. 

Dear beautiful teen, 

Social relationships are very important, yeah, this is coming from a girl that never leaves her room (you don’t want to know, like, I love my bed so much, not because I’m lazy, but because it’s such a comfort zone, but we gotta leave that zone man!)  You know, I just got to realize one of the reasons why I am not in a relationship yet, let me tell you. God wants me to build relationships, he wants me to relate more with people, and trust me, this is hard as hell for me, maybe because somehow my friendships have gone down the drain, and I’m too scared to give my heart out only to have it broken by a “friend”. 

Recently, there’s a new “friend” I have, I put the friend in quotes because friendship is a big deal to me and he hasn’t become that just yet, but I put the word there to give you an idea of the relationship. He sometimes talks to me about sensible things, and in my mind, I’ll be like he’s not my boyfriend so why should I listen to anything he says. Some days back, I called myself to order like “honeybooo, receive some sense, you can learn from anything anyone says, the person doesn’t have to be your husband or boyfriend before you can learn” I always like to say that you can learn from the “littlest” of things. 

I’m quite socially awkward and shy, but I’ll learn to build HEALTHY FRIENDSHIPS  and relationships.Today,I went out with two of my friends from Uni. You see, ever since the outing was first suggested, I wasn’t excited about it, in fact my mind had been trying to find ways to cancel, but I decided to go for it, and I had fun. We saw two movies,  took pictures some of which I’ll share. Over all, it was amazing. 

I’m the one with the weird space buns

Fanta caused the orange tongue. Day out with Ife and Wura. 

Learn to build good relationships with people. Learn at this tender age, don’t be like me who’s 50 and just learning😂😂😂, just kidding. Have great circles. It’s important to the growth of any human being. As much as I’m learning the importance of relationships, I’d like to tell you to do so wisely, not every relationship you’re in is meant for you. You are beautiful, hence, I expect you to surround yourself with beautiful people. 

One of the reasons why I’m quite socially awkward is because of confidence, or the lack thereof (which I’m building, by God’s grace.)

P.S I’ll talk about friendship in another post some other time. 

One love y’all!!! 


4 thoughts on “Importance of healthy relationships. Lessons. From a girl that loves her bed. 

  1. Seun Olagunju says:

    You guys had a good day o! Wehdone.

    Personally, I have never found it hard building relationships with peiple, infact when I find it hard, that comes as a big surprise to me, but that heartbreak part, you see, is real. Doesn’t mean everyone will break your heart though. Thanks Fife. I learnt something.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Dosunmu Ifeoluwa says:

    Yeah…dats good dear. Friendship is such a beautiful thing and trust me, it hurts when those you call friends desert you…. something worse than breakups….

    Liked by 1 person

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