The time of your life! 

“Have the time of your life before you settle down.”

😂 😂 😂 😂  Raise up your hand if you’ve heard this before. 

Wow! well I have, so many times in fact. So many people say you won’t be single forever, so you should enjoy yourself, go to all the parties, meet all the guys. Okay, lemme break it down a bit. 

You’re single, and because you aren’t engaged or you don’t have a boyfriend doesn’t mean you should mess around. I wonder who comes up with all these talks. So you go to all the parties, always at the happening places, dating all the “cool” guys. 

I’m not saying you shouldn’t have fun while you’re single, but we all know that there’s FUN and there’s fun. Choose wisely. Choose the safe fun. 

This single period, I’ll forever say, is a time to prepare yourself !!!! Y’all know I’m an advocate of enjoying your self while you’re single.The thing is, many ladies demean themselves during this period because they know that they’ll be ‘pinned’ down eventually,so they want to have all the fun they think they are missing out on. 

You don’t have to visit all the clubs or date all the guys because you want to have a feel of everything and everyone. Settle down hun, learn to settle down, because if you don’t you might not find it so easy settling down when you get married. 

I recently became a believer of the fact that the things I do now, may affect my future, so I want to take conscious steps I’m everything I do. Make conscious decisions during this waiting period. Don’t “waste”  away your life. Live through it consciously, walk through it consciously, don’t run blindly into marriage without learning anything sis. As lovely as marriage is, it’s a very big deal that so many people take lightly which saddens me greatly. 

I Love you, let’s keep growing and learning together. 

Ohhh. Did y’all notice the new logo? It’s amazziiinnnnggg. I love it and I hope you love it too my darling unique women. 


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