Heyer fam, how’s your week going? Happy mid week. Lol is there anything like that? 

As we a know, Wednesdays are for random stuff, lifestyle and things like that.  Today’s random post will be about screenshots I have on my phone. We all take screenshots, most of the ones I have are about fashion and things I learn from everyday. Oh! and things I think are funny. So, I’ll put up ten amazing screenshots  I have.I hope some of them  inspire you, like they insprire(d)  me. 

Girrrllll do not!

Reduce the complaints. Grow.

Someone amazing tagged me on this, and I felt very special.


Be happy for your friends. Jealousy doesn’t make any sense. Be her biggest cheerleader

Think positively + drink coffee😂, really though, think positively

Don’t give anybody control over your feelings. Let God ONLY.

Don’t enjoy your comfort zone. Get out of it, and go for it.

I can imagine 😂😂😂😂

😂 😂 😂 😂 why are women like that with food though?

Bahahaha!!! Dear future husband, you definitely have to help me

Growth and commitment!

Learn to widen your horizons. Reading is a beautiful habit. Currently reading- “me before you”Jojo Moyes

Adara Butler💜 one wise woman.

😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂

I hope you all enjoyed readingand reading. I hope you laughed a little or at least chuckled. More importantly, I hope you were encouraged. I love you all. Am. I supposed to say “happy new month”? 

I don’t really say it, but I will for some of you who want to be wished by me. I’m a special somebody, I know😜 .Happy new month fam! 


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