Words. They hit the soul. 

Hi teens, 

Welcome to a new weekend. Hope you had an amazing week. I think I did too. 

I won’t say too much. What I have to say is very important, but I won’t say too much, at least not today. 

Earlier today at school, I was watching some of the students in the lab. They were all having fun doing something I really hate most on this planet. They were freely insulting their classmate, because they didn’t want her there. They were calling her all sorts of names. I couldn’t hold it, but then I didn’t want to seem like the pokey pokey teacher.I felt like I was the one being insulted. It kinda hurt.

I finally called the mastermind behind the insults, and I told him how awful it is to talk badly,and how so wrong what he did was. I hope he heard, and learnt. 

You see, words are beautiful and dangerous. They’re like a healing balm and an arrow,that could Pierce someone’s heart. It’s quite funny to see that this one thing can do to opposite things. Choose wisely how your words will affect people. You do not know what this person is going through, so you don’t just blab out whatever it is you’re thinking. 

You see, personally words have a very huge effect on me. Whether good or bad words. When someone says something really sweet and positive, it makes my day. I could go over it a billion times in my head, also, when someone says something hurtful and spiteful to me, I’ll go over it a billion times in my head. The only difference however, is that it could ruin my day, it could make me cry really really hard. 

Learn to use a filter. And somehow of you forget to use it, apologize and mean that apology. Show how sorry you are. The Bible says SOFT WORDS TURN AWAY ANGER. There’s so much beauty in using soft words. 

Words are like arrows. Words are like a healing balm. Words can make or break. Learn from this young age

Love you. 


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