How to handle hormones : it’s not the hugs! 

Oh my gosh!!! I wanted to write about something really important and I can’t believe I’ve forgotten what it is about. I dunno why I didn’t pen it down kmt. 

Hi teens, hope you had a great day at school? (Oh I remember what I wanted to talk about) 

So, at school we usually have gender classes. Like we talk to girls separately and boys separately. And we discuss different things, most times, for the girls it all boils down to sexuality. However there are some things the teachers said I don’t quite agree with.

You know how some people say you have no business hugging boys? I dunno if it’s in Africa generally or Nigeria specifically that they put that in kids heads. Personally, I really see no problem in hugging a guy. Chill before you persecute me. I’m a hugger. I show love through physical touch a lot. Once I love you, I just hug. So if you greet a guy by hugging, no ish. The teacher said something about the guys wanting to feel the size of your boobs indirectly 😂😂😂😂 

The hug on the right seems intimate though, maybe this is what they picture anytime you hug a guy lol. 

well, I dunno, and if any guy wants to hug me because he wants to know how large or tiny my boobs are, that’s his own big fat headache, because I’m hugging with a pure mindset. Well, I don’t just hug anybody. Even handshakes can be misconstrued. When I was growing up, I was told that when a guy shakes you and uses his index finger to scratch(softly) your palm, he’s saying something else (like he loves you). See, even handshakes have bad sides( I don’t think that works anymore in this generation). 

I’m this kind of girl that when someone says don’t do something, that’s when I  want to do it, I think we all are. We kinna hate laws. 

The questions I’ll ask my child or anybody who has problems  with controlling herself,  hormone wise are:

What do you watch? 

What do you read? 

What do you spend your free time thinking about? 

Who are your friends? 

These questions are so very important. If as a teenager, you read a lot of romance books where they talk explicitly about how to have sex and stuff like that, you’ll definitely have a hard time controlling yourself when that cute boy you have a crush on winks at you,or says something sweet or blah. 

What do you watch? This goes along with reading… The mind, this mind that we all have, we underestimate it. You may greatly deceive yourself by saying, “I actually don’t feel a thing when I read these books” if you don’t feel a thing, your subconscious does feel things, and the day it will decide to bring up those things to the conscious, stuff will be done. 

I don’t see anyone checking boob sizes here

Do you think edifying thoughts?  Not necessarily Bible Bible thoughts, but healthy thoughts which def include God and real life. Are you a girl of substance? Do you spend time to think about your future, your books, your aspirations, your healthy hobbies, or you we open your head, is it pictures of Justin beiber’s abs we’ll see, or all the rubbish you and your friends talk about. Which brings us to the last point. 

Friendship. Who are your friends?? Friends are an integral part of any teen’s life, your friends show who you are. I’m sure you’ve heard that saying before. “show me your friend and I’ll know who you are.”  What do you say when you’re with your friends? Of course it’s not bad to tell your friend you have a crush on a particular guy, it’s very normal in fact, but what does your friend say after that or what do you say? Do you go ahead to tell her the things you wish you could do with him?  Don’t pretend like those doesn’t happen! They do. 

I have a younger sister, a teen, and I always encourage her to tell me about guys and stuff like that. I’ve never told her not to hug a guy (I’ll be  a hypocrite if I do) I tease her lightly (if she’s in the mood to to be teased) , I ask her about the guys that disturb her. Whether she hugs or not is really not my business (she’s not a touchy Feely person anyway), but then, I try to put her in perspective when she has questions, I tell her she knows what comes first. Her education, before any boy,and she knows. I like her principles, she’s a principled lady.

So guys, it’s not about hugging or shaking or what ever it is that’s available to do. It’s about your mind. Your beautiful mind. I want you all to know that you can stay pure in the midst of all this dirtiness in the world.


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