STORY TIME: How I curved his lips!!!

Hi guys, how’s your week going? Hope you had and are still having an amazing Monday?

Today, I’ll tell you guys a story. A fun one at that. It’s a story of how I curved a guy’s lips. Something like he wanted to kiss me, but I didn’t kiss him back. It only took God’s grace. Like only God’s grace,wlse I’d have kissed him back.

So there’s this guy, a very amazing friend I had back in school, same fellowship at school,that’s where I met him. No offense, but he was one of the very few fine guys we had in my fellowship then. When I say a guy is fine, he’s definitely fine. So we kicked off as friends. I really really liked him, i liked talking to him and throwing shades his way like an elder brother. Anyways, we hit off really well and blah. 

Unfortunately we didn’t get to spend as much time as we both would have liked cos he was going for a semester thereabout for school work /project. I knew I was to miss him so much, our bants, mini fights, I  was going to miss a cool friend. So the appointed week came, finally the eve of his departure came, he came to see me, he even got chocolate biscuits and if you know me, you know that I love chocolate soooo much. 

Yeah, so i ooohed and ahhhhd, we gisted I think we saw a movie on my laptop or something, anyway, it was time for him to go. I saw him off (is this statement correct?), on our way we gisted of course, we got to a point where he said he just wanted to sit and talk, I obliged him. He sat and I sat at first. Suddenly, I sensed there was some kind of tension, so I Stood, he stood as well, oh my God, my mind was in such a mess, I just started to say all sort of stuff to lessen the tension. I rambled on and on, I didn’t know what to do, so I began walking in circles. He wasn’t happy about that, he said something like ‘Lois why are you walking about now?’ I just kept rambling. Then he said he was going to miss me, I told him I felt the same way, I tried to lighten the mood by adding some silly comments. He sha hugged me. I hugged back, I’m a hugger, didn’t see any problem with that. Then I noticed he pecked or did he? now I’m not quite sure, but he was holding my face in an intimate way. Jesus!! If you see how my heart was beating. Not because of anything other than the fact thay, I was scared and I didn’t know what to do. I didn’t want to embarrass him neither did I want to lose my dignity. I didn’t know if I was overreacting and making a big deal out of ‘nothing’. 

I was in such a dilemma. I had promised myself that I wasn’t going to kiss anyone again till I was ready to get married. He kept saying “it’s just a kiss, a goodbye kiss, that’s all, it won’t mean anything, it won’t change anything  ” in my mind I’m like “hell  naw!!! It’ll mean something to me, I won’t get it out of my brain, I’ll feel guilty” his lips were getting dangerously close to mine. I said a quick prayer. “God please I don’t want this at all, yet, I’m confused” I’m not lying, when I told God, I don’t know how, but words came out of my mouth and I told him,” I really don’t want to do this, let me just hug you” and I did. I broke the hug, we continued our journey to get a bus, he apologized, told him it was cool we said final byes, and off he went. 

It wasn’t a slo mo thing, it all happened quickly. God listens. 

On my way back, I was torn. I didn’t feel too good for not kissing him, yet I kinda felt so proud of myself. Talk about mixed feelings. Oh my! I couldn’t think. I got to the room, my roommates quizzed me, they probably saw the expression on my face. They asked me “do you wish you kissed him” at first, I said “yes”, later I said I wasn’t sure. 

But as the weeks and months went by and as I’m sitting on this chair, I can tell you with all certainty, “I’m exceedingly glad I didn’t kiss him.” I’m a woman of worth, I shouldn’t sell myself so cheaply. The battle was strong, but guess what? ! God helped me win even though the devil was trying to make the situation seem like it was nothing at all. 

My dear friend and sister I assure you, self control is totally achievable with God’s help alone. 

We’re still friends. 


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