How it all went down!!

Hi darlings (and the guys that read this) I’m sure some of you are quite curious about how my 21st birthday went. This is the last birthday post. Plus I have some cool announcement to make at the end of this post!

To everyone that wished me a happy birthday, I want to say thank you. From the very first person (I heart you) to the last person ( I heart you) . So my birthday started quite early,I have a tradition of staying up till it’s 12’o’clock just to be awake while I start the new age ( I dunno why, but I’ve been doing that since I turned 16 thereabout. I also stay awake for  very special people).

I kinda thought my mom/fam would be the first to like wish me a happy birthday (like they usually do), but they weren’t. Someone amazing was the first, my brother was the next. So yeah, I slept eventually after my tradition was completed. When I woke up i saw some messages, replied, had to get ready for the day. Finally I saw mom’s amazing text, called her. Dad called me, he actually wore a Yoruba outfit in honor of the day. My aunt gave me a greeting card. replied some more messages and went to work. Oh I didn’t say. I fixed the fake nails, for the first time,and they looked so good, like so beautiful ( I did this the day before).

Just peep the naillsss

On getting to work, the kids sang for me, hugged me. I was so touched, I smiled so hard my cheeks hurt.I was happy. Throughout the day at work, I kept thinking of what to do after work cos I didn’t want to be bored, and chances were,i’d have been super freaking bored if i went home directly. I forgot to add that I asked my friend, Lara if we could see a movie after work, but she couldn’t make it. (we saw today and it was fun, we didn’t end up seeing any movie, but we talked ate and drank). Anyways, I went to the cinema after work. I really didn’t want to see any movie by myself, and I hate eating out, so I chose the cinema. Unfortunately, or should I say fortunately, there was no movie that I would have enjoyed, so, I went to the mall, got Pringles and Ice cream.

I told myself that I was going to enjoy that day. I kept repeating to myself, “I’ll be happy ,even if there’s no friend to enjoy this day with.” Finally got home , and while I was washing my hands, I saw a white box , I was so very curious, so i opened it. OMG!!!! it was a cake!!! I was just jumping about with excitement and kept squealing like a toddler. It was from my aunt. I was so freaking touched and surprised all at once.

I kinda enjoyed the day. I was happy, and that was enough. I talked to God for a while. I’m glad for how much I’ve grown within the past year. You see, today, my dad asked if  there’s any difference between now and three years ago. Sissss, some miraculous changes have taken place in my life, and I am excited, I’m not the girl I once was. I was quite hurt that he asked, and I thought, maybe he just doesn’t really know me too well, after all, I’ve not stayed with my family for a while except for some holidays ( just two different occasions), but I know, with all assurance that I’ve grown. The angels know, the trinity knows, the heavens know, I know, the bestie knows. I’m proud of the woman I’m becoming and that’s worth celebrating. I hope I keep growing in all areas, like Jesus who Increased in wisdom,stature( I actually like my stature tehehe), favour with man and God. I hope I grow that way in Jesus’name. Amen.

Saw this balloon today, and decided to get it cos it looks so freaking cute. I love balloons.

The cool news Is that very very soon, we’ll be having a whatsapp forum where we can all chat about different interesting topics that we can relate to !!!! It’ll be so much fun and edifying!  I can’t wait!! More info coming up soon. 

Bless y’all. Till next week. Have a lovely weekend.
P.S This post should have been published since, but there were some issues. So sorry, it’s coming late. Much love.  


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