One day… I will wait! 

Hello sisterrss, sorry this is coming quite late, got carried away with Disney,been such a while. I don’t think I can ever outgrow it. To the main gist👇

One day, I’ll have a gorgeous ring to crown my little finger, but I’ll wait. 

Source : Kaelin and Kyrah IG

One day my body will be adorned with a beautiful wedding gown, but I’ll wait.

Source: Monicaivena IG

One day, I’ll dance with him, with our love being the music, but I’ll wait.  

 One day, I’ll walk down the aisle with the one I love, but I’ll wait. I’ll wait.

One day, I’ll look into his eyes and my heart will swell with love, but I’ll wait.

Source: Bella Naija IG

One day, I’ll have our children in my belly, but I’ll wait. 

One day, we’ll snuggle together with a cup of coffee and he’ll watch Disney with me. Oh my! I will wait. 

Oh one day, I’ll rest in his arms, he’ll cuddle me when  I get so tired, but I’ll wait.

One day, we’ll sit together and watch our kids run around, but I’ll wait. 

Source: Jkmcclure IG

One day, just one day. 

Right now, I’ll allow God to work on me. I’ll let him make me the perfect fiancée, wife and mother, and in doing that, I cannot miss out on a very important process. WAITING. This period may seem so daunting and trying, but my God! I’m learning so much, I’ll learn all that I have to, I’ll let God deal  with me.

I don’t want to be an empty girlfriend, I want to be a girlfriend, wife and mother with so much substance, a woman that a man would be proud to have as a wife or a girlfriend. A woman of worth to myself (because this waiting period isn’t only for the future bae to benefit from).God is working on me for me too !!! I wish I could tell you why I’m so excited, but not now. Maybe in three or four years, by God’s grace. 

In all, I’ll gladly wait patiently while God is working on this amazing masterpiece!

God’s amazing masterpiece


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