Walk high in those shoes! 

Fashion, part 3. I really didn’t feel like posting, or I wanted to, but had nothing to say, cause I felt sleepy for most of the day. So, I’m a big fan of wristwatches (even though I own none currently) and shoesssss Oh my word!!!!  The way they spice up outfits leaves me shook. So as usual, I’ll let y’all feed your eyes, and you’ll also see some of the things I love. Okay,  we’ll just talk shoes today. Wristwatches, some other time. 

Welcome to Random Wednesday! 

Guys, there are some shoes I really hate, won’t put any of them here, let’s dive right in.  

Sneakers. I have one question. Who is the amazing person that thought to create sneakers? They’re so very very very comfy man! God bless you sneakers creator. 

Source : Aldo

Source : Aldo

Source : Aldo

Please how plush do these look?  I wish I could buy them all.


I’ve never actually owned a pair of boots, I will, definitely at one point or the other by God’s grace, but the way they make an outfit look so beautiful, classy in a casual way trips me constantly. Like it’s a beautiful combination of fun and serious. 

On to the next one. HEELS. 
You see, I love heels a lot, but then Tbh, they’re aren’t all that comfortable, so at the end of the day I end up carrying slippers around so that I can wear them once I’m done with the events. So shout out to women who wear heels. Y’all are bam! 

The reception won’t let me add more pictures, like it’s so very annoying!! I’m so sorry y’all. I’ll upload them the next time we do anything fashion, or I’ll update the post when the reception seems better. Be on the look out fam. Much lovveee, don’t be mad at me. 

P. S what kind of shoes do you like? 


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