My Not so bad day. 

Hey guys hope you’re all well and fresh. TBH I really didn’t feel up to writing, I was even to lazy to think, but then lightning struck!Boom Pow 

Since I’m so very tired and today’s #randomwednesday, I could just give you a short gist about how my day went. 

Tbh I really didn’t feel like going to work. Alarm rang at 3:30, 4:30, then I opened my eyes and saw that it was 5:30. 

I didn’t read my bible, I usually read it in the evenings/night. Instead, I wrote this:

and wrote a short message about it. I also checked out Instagram tehehe.

Tried to get ready for school in time, quickly made breakfast (pap)anyways took that to school (cos I was late, and breakfast is by force). Finally got to school and when I got there, I didn’t know I’d be having some kind of counseling / sisterhood /motherhood session with two beautiful ladies. 

We had a football game or league or whatever, God knows I was so uninterested, I tried to enjoy watching the juniors play against each other (it was fun, cos the students tried to make me enjoy it although I was so confused as to what team I was supporting. As the day wore off, I couldn’t take it anymore. I am not a fan of football. It’s just so arrggh! 

Spent some more time with the kids, and when I was bored and hungry and tired to death, I just had to leave. Today’s my aunt’s birthday and I had to look for what to get her.  I spent like an hour doing that. 

Cousin called,  asked if we could meet up to see a movie, we did, even though at first we went to different cinemas. Communication problem. Had to “travel”  to meet him. Saw the movie. Won’t say the name, but it really  sucked, thankfully we both found an excuse to leave. 

Went home, cooked and now I’m writing. I’ll continue reading my book soon. The Atonement by Francine Rivers. Been so slow with it.  Did I say earlier that I kinda played football?  Yeah just played with the ball and was showing my mad skills.

 Anyways, that’s how my day went. I hope yours went well too. 

P. S. Dear God, I want it to rain, the sun was crazy hot today and I really want to hear the pitter-pattering sounds hitting the roof, plus it’ll be a plus for the farmers. Thank you God. Amen. 


Hope you had had a very lovely day. Have an amazing week. Much love. 


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