Jamming with TUW! NEW!!! 

Hey sisters, welcome to #randomwednesday. Happy midweek girls! Something new is up. #jamminwithTUW. On some Wednesdays like this one, I’ll talk about artistes I consider amazing. 

So, guys, today, I want to introduce you to my new favorite artistes. 

One thing that makes me really excited is seeing young girls or people, young people shine for the Lord in this dark dark world. It makes me happy  I mean why not stand out? 

So, I discovered these amazing humans on YouTube in December and I watched all their videos available on YouTube. The girls areeeee Zoe and Grace. AKA Zoe Grace. 

Been jamming to their songs since yesterday. Used their songs for work out yesterday and this morning. Danced like crazy whilst listening to them, prayed, while listening to them. Y’all should watch their cool videos. I  can’t choose which one I like more. 

#shotstothedevil or I will stay or their cover for Chris Tomlin’s song. The beats are bad ass. Lyrics of I will stay are so comforting, like I wanted to hug God. 

When I was younger I used to write songs and have hopes of being a singer or something, but obviously that’s not what God had in mind for me, so I’ll continue to enjoy listening to amazing youngsters singing and making melody with their voices. 

Y’all should just check out YouTube and search “Zoe Grace”. Let me put a link of “I will stay” for y’all that may forget. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=stU-xCd3Pcw

Can you believe? I think I forgot to say that they are twins. Beautiful peeps. 

Please let’s keep encouraging our young ones to shine for Christ in whatever way that they can. 
I need new music, guys please suggest. Looking forward to our next time on #jamminwithTUW

In other news, the meeting is coming up in two days! Yaayy! May we all be blessed. Simply send add to those numbers, via SMS or send a DM to @the_uniquewoman on IG or send a whatsapp number to the second mumber👇 can’t wait to do this with you guys!!! 


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