Open up baby, Just open up. 

In this dark dark world, it’s quite hard for you to you open up to people Yeah? Oh baby! I know you really want to talk to someone, and trust me, I encourage you to do just that. Learn to open up! Don’t build a huge wall around yourself, thinking you can survive this world alone. You can’t, you’re a young teenage girl, you need all the help you can get for the adulting period.  

Even as I’m not a teen anymore, I still always want to talk to someone.  I was struggling with something some months back, and when it got to my neck I just had to tell mom, it just spilled out, and we both talked about it. Mostly I talk to God.  

Sometimes you just want a human being to hold and hug you (I’m volunteering) or to talk some sense into you,  yet, there’s no one to trust, it’s either everyone acts like they’ve never dealt with stuff, or they just don’t have your time. Sometimes you want to talk to someone other than your parents. I know. 

May God help you fine someone amazing who will guide you, be a sister or a brother to you, a mentor and a father or mother figure to you. Someone who wouldn’t break your trust. 

Let me tell you a short story. I like telling these stories, so that you’ll know how much I understand. 

I was once a verryyy shy (annoyingly so) girl, I still have my moments lol. But then I just built one – should I call it a wall? Maybe, maybe not, but I found it hard for me to tell my parents about crushes and stuff like that knowing how the discussion would probably end. 

Somehow, this lady came into my life. Way older than me. I dunno how, but then the people I liked were never my mates. Always aunties who loved Jesus. Anyways we became really close (mom was crazy jealous😂😂😂) , then, it’s either there was no whatsapp or I hadn’t joined. So I used to text her. She really liked me, and I liked her back as well. One day we were discussing, and I told her about a boy I liked, of course, I expected her to tell me what to do. Next thing she said “You’re gonna have to tell your daddy”  what the? ! !! ! I  was about 15 or 14. And I’m like “the reason I’m telling you is because I’ll feel awkward telling my dad.” Next thing, “it’s either you tell him or I tell him” the alarm bells went ringing “you shouldn’t have told her! See what you’ve caused!”  My parents weren’t gonna beat me for crushing in someone, but then it just felt so weird. The next time I saw her (my friend)  I’m not sure, but I think I lied that I told my dad already or I said I didn’t crush on the guy again.

 Now I know she was probably trying to help me, but all I told her was that I had a crush not that I was pregnant! I just needed basic direction. 

Somehow, from that point, our relationship began to deteriorate. I actually didn’t know my mom was secretly happy (funny woman) until she told me. She eventually got to know about the silly crush. 

Point of the whole story. Open up. Not just to anybody, someone you trust. Truth, God can lead you to the right person. It might be the person you’re running away from. God can lead and talk to you darling, He talked to Samuel at a tender age. You’re older than Samuel when he first heard God speak. 

Just know, I love you, and I’m here for you anytime you need me. 


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