Iced Tea and coffee! : Trying nu stuff!! 

Hi guyysss, welcome to #randomwednesday I hope you’ve been having a great week so far. 

One thing I love doing is trying out new things in the kitchen! So, last week, I tried making some things. 

The first was errrmm, the name is quite complicated compared to the thing itself. It’s Called Mocha Frappuccino. I’d never had it before, but I had always wondered what it’d be like. On this fateful day, I checked the Internet for things I could make out of coffee, and I saw that, and decided to go for it. I checked several sites to see how to do it. 

It’s very simple, lemme just tell you how (in case you’re tired of hot coffee). I’ll show you how I did it, an incorporation of all I saw on the Internet. 

Ingredients :



Powdered chocolate (some recipes said unsweetened, but I didn’t have that at the moment, so I used sweetened. I like sweet stuff soooo much so, even better for me) 




(what else?) 

Suggaaarr!!!! (if you do not like sugar, don’t add too much.) 

Grab a blender. Put all that stuff minus the ice in a cup, add water, (I used slightly warm water) but not so much, so it won’t be over diluted. Then pour into the blender, now you can add the ice and blend! For about 15- 30 seconds.pour in a glass, add some more ice if you want!!! There you go! Enjoy on a sunny day. I loved it!!! Mine might not be as glamorous as what you’ll see on the Internet . Was pretty basic.  No whipped cream and strawberries (you can add that If you have). 

Forgive the camera quality

The next day I decided to make some iced tea. I don’t really like tea, it’s quite boring to me. Worse is when milk is added (makes me literally sick). However, I like trying out stuff, so I said I’ll try to make some iced tea. Very simple, way simpler than the first one with the long name. 

Water (definitely) 

Teabags (two or three, depends on how thick you want it to be)

Lemon juice 

Sugar (almost forgot this) 


So, I boiled water, and made the tea in a mug first, added the lemon juice and sugar.I allowed it to cool down a bit before I poured it into a glass  I saw on the Internet that cucumber could be added (never adding it again, doesn’t make it nicer or horrible, it’s just there) I put it in the freezer. I left it there for a really long time (truth be told I actually forgot about it) made it nicer cause it was sooooo cold and it had some ice in it already, although I added some ice after.

I really liked it. Although I would have liked it so lot more if it had less sugar in it. 

Yuppp! !! So that’s all! I hope you enjoyed this.  

Have a beautiful week! Much love 


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