You can get it all done!! 

You have so much homework, you have a show on TV you really don’t want to miss, you still have to assist your mom in the kitchen, you have to talk to your bestie about something really important, you have siblings that constantly need your help, you have to study,  finally, you have to wake up early the next day! 

“This is too much!”,  ” I dunno if I can handle all this teenage responsibility!”, “I’m so stressed out can I be a kid again😭😭?”

I hate to break it to you,  but, you can’t be a kid anymore, you’re just going to have to keep advancing in age, also as you grow older, there’ll be a lot more responsibility on your shoulders. You just need to know how to handle everything! 

Now let me tell you a secret. Okay it’s not a secret, but you can do all this through a skill called Time Management. 

You just need to know how to balance everything and manage your time. Sometimes, I’m not just pleased with how I deal with having to do so much work, when I don’t plan my time wisely, I always feel so mad. Like I could have been smarter. Also, the fulfillment I get from getting my work done at the right time is so amazing! I feel accomplished. 

So lemme give you an idea on how you can manage your time. 

You create a to do list 

Now, after writing all that down, you might, or you should allot some time to the items, to help you keep track of time. 

I’m sorry about the way this is arranged, but this is just something to help show show you how to make the most of your time. Plus it goes ahead to prove you are an organized lady. 

You can also create a timetable just to guide you, and put it up on your wall. 

Trust me, you won’t feel  so pressured when you lay it out that way. It worked for me as a young teen, and it still works! 

Have a beautiful weekend lovelies! Enjoy the Easter period as well! 


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