You’re my inspiration! 

Hi fam, how’re you doing? 

So today, I have two questions to ask you! 

Who inspires you? And Do you inspire anyone? 

Definition of INSPIRE: fill (someone) with with the urge or ability to feel something, especially to do something creative. 

Check out other definitions. 

 I think these are questions everyone should think about. Been thinking about them actively since yesterday. 

Yunno why it’s important? Well, it is, because whoever inspires you helps to shape some of the decisions you make. The person is like your role model, he or she makes you do stuff. I think as a woman, you should beware of who inspires you. 

I haven’t come to a conclusion yet, but one person that inspires me is the Proverbs 31 woman, the Virtuous woman, she’s a role model for me. Sometimes, I wish she was alive so I could always see her and learn in 3d.  I guess reading would have to do, but I love her soo much, she’s a great example to Godly women. That’s one of the few people that inspire me. 

So think on it deeply. Who INSPIRES you? Who is your role model? 

Source: Google

Do you inspire anyone? 

There’s kind of life I really do not want to live. It’s the kind of life that won’t inspire anyone or make an impact. Do I push people to do stuff? And if I do, what kind of stuff do I push them to do? 

I do not only want people to get inspired by my writings, but by my actions as well. I don’t want an empty life. You see, for me, an empty life isn’t one that ended up not making millions of naira or dollars. An empty life, as I see it is one that fails to leave a mark, one that fails to inspire or make an impact. I could have 30 billion in my account, but do I inspire people? I hope I do, and if I do, what do I make them feel? 

Y’all think about these questions. 

One love. Peace ✌ 


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