Don’t be a thorn or a broken jar

Hi darlings, feels like forever since I last wrote  here. HAPPY NEW WEEK!!

So, yesterday I saw a picture on Instagram about why some people fall in love. The writer said ” Anyone who falls in love is searching for the missing pieces of themselves.”  The first thing that I asked myself was “what if i’m complete? What if i’m not broken? what if I’m a strong whole individual?”

 The reason I asked myself these question is because, i’m working on myself and building myself everyday to be a strong woman. I don’t intend to become a burden to the love of my life. What if he’s whole (he’s definitely going to be) do I want to keep pricking him with my jagged edges? Heck no. Hence, i’ll take pride in being a whole complete human being.

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I’m not preaching feminism, if anything at all, I’m preaching strength.  The bible says “he that findeth a wife findeth a good thing”. I plan on being a wife, by God’s grace. Not just any kind of wife, but a good wife. I need to be a good ‘thing’.

I’m definitely not saying that even with being a strong woman, I won’t have flaws, no one is perfect at all, but then, I plan to keep working on myself forever, my obvious faults, I have to work on being a virtuous woman. If you notice, she wasn’t being a burden or anything. “…she should be praised” That is the kind of wife I want to be, and it does not just happen magically. It takes strength, work and determination. 

So, when I’m in love with this person, i’m not in love with him to look for missing parts of me, because I’m one whole human, mentally,emotionally and so on and he is too.

You may be in love and you may be broken, but don’t think you’ll find yourself in a man. Find yourself in God, watch him transform you, and watch your man glow. 😜 except he wants you to stay broken, then please run, but any God fearing and sensible man will definitely encourage his girlfriend or wife and help her become one, in fact.

You both should complement each other. Do not be a burden or a thorn. Don’t hinder his own growth. You should grow together.

Source : Google 

During  this single season, work on yourself, mold yourself, find yourself, be whole, be strong , and if you are not single, but you’re broken tell God to help you pick your pieces up, tell him to help you find you in him, be willing and ready to learn and watch you blossom, and if your man is a man of worth, he’ll gladly help you become the woman you’re truly meant to be.



7 thoughts on “Don’t be a thorn or a broken jar

  1. soulfood101blog says:

    This is refreshing to read. Now-a-days the trend seems to be that a husband and wife are adversaries, one should not like the other. They should bicker and try to one up each other. What you have written is the way it should be. God Bless you 🙂

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