Novel “junkie” #randomwednesday 

Heyer! Happy midweek guys! 

Welcome to #randomwednesday !!!! 

I love reading, I love being transported into another world. I looovee romance, I love the beauty of love. But I made up my mind that I won’t read any more silhouettes or harlequin, because my mind was being exposed to all these very very sexual things, and Tbh they got really boring. Boy meets girl, girl meets and, they have sex all the time (details included BTW) then they either break up or get together (mostly) such a freaking boring routine. 

Anyways I wanted to still read and maintain a pure mind at the same time, so I opted for Christian love books. Very amazing books I’ve come across. 

However, there are some non Christian love books that don’t write all those things explicitly. 

So, if you’re like me and you want to read cool and safe romance books, I’ll suggest some for you. Trust me they are amazing!!!! 

  • The Fault in our stars. John Greene.

    Source :Google

  • Redeeming Love.  Francine Rivers. 

    Source :Google

  • Me before you. Jojo Moyes.

    Source :Google

  • After You. Jojo Moyes. (sequel to me before you.

    Source :Google

  • Everything Everything. Nicola Yoon.

    Source :Google

  • The Tuesday Morning Collection. Karen Kingsbury : One Tuesday morning (just finished this today, tears were flowing freely and I was at school!!!), Beyond Tuesday Morning (currently on this and loving it),and Remember Tuesday morning. 

    Source :Google

I’ve read these books recently. I’ve read The Fault in our stars countless times! Trust when I say that all these books are lovely and amazing. Try them out. Enjoy!! 

Much love! 


2 thoughts on “Novel “junkie” #randomwednesday 

  1. Enny says:

    Waow…. Nice thanks for recommending. Please I’d love to know how and where you got all. I’ve read redeeming love though. I love good books and would love to buy these. How and where can I get them?

    Liked by 1 person

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