Laziness syndrome 

Dear young lady,

I really do not have much time to say a lot, so, I hope to make this as short as possible. I hope I succeed.

Everyone suffers from laziness at one point on the other. Generally, I am not a lazy person, but I can be really lazy when I want to be (which means it’s mostly a deliberate decision) . It’s one thing to be tired, and it’s another thing to be lazy, to constantly not be driven with purpose. I have been suffering from this laziness for this week in just a particular area. I really didn’t want to put up any post today due to laziness, I was too lazy to mark tests at the right time, been waking up late due to laziness.

A purpose driven girl or lady has no time to be lazy. The opposite of a hardworking person is a lazy person, hence if you know what you are supposed to do, but refuse to do it for absolutely no reason.You are being lazy. A lazy person will never ever be successful. I’m not cursing, just pointing out the obvious. We want to be virtuous young ladies yeah? Well, it doesn’t come easy, it requires hard work, and that hard work will yield beautiful results.

Knowing what to do at the right time and actually doing it reduces laziness.

Also commitment helps a great deal. The only reason why this post is being written is because I am by God’s grace committed to this blog and to the people that read it. I would not want to disappoint anyone for no sensible reason.

Finally if you are a young woman with vision, who constantly thinks about her future, who knows that the decisions she makes now will affect her future, then you won’t always find yourself in the shoes of laziness.

Make sure you try to make whatever it is you are doing as interesting as possible, e.g if you have school work or something, focus on it and give yourself a treat after doesn’t have to be major. Could be as simple as watching a fav TV show or getting yourself ice cream. Something to motivate you. 

Now, dear young lady, if you find yourself being lazy, just pick yourself up, it happens to the best of us!!

Have an amazing weekend love.

P.S God dislikes slothful people. 


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