Who has the key to your heart? #friendship

This is a post on friendship, coming in really late, I’m sorry. 

Yeah,  I have a question quick question for you. Who are your friends? 
If you have a friend say “hey”. This word, FRIENDSHIP is sacred to me, very sacred, if you’ve studied the book of proverbs, then, you’ll know exactly how I view friendship. Not just anybody can be my friend. Never. I have verryyy few friends,  and I love it that way. 

When a guy or girl walks up to me and tells me he just wants to be a friend, he doesn’t know what he’s talking about, like he has no clue. No, the friendships I have started with a deliberate decision. 
Truth is, you are unique, you can’t just let anyone into your life, you are too special, you have to know who you are letting in. 

Popular adage “show me your friends, and I’ll know who you are.” Your friends are a reflection of who you are. They give a stranger a little insight about who you are.

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As a lady, so many people have asked for my phone number on the basis of friendship, I always laugh in my head, and say no politely. 

Let me give an example. So one day, I went to the movies, and there was this guy who sat next to me outside the cinema while we were waiting for the specified time. Coincidentally we were going to watch the same movie (we talked about general things) . When we got in, I was hoping he wouldn’t sit next to me, anyways, he did. Enjoyed the movie and got out. As we were leaving, typically *rollseyes he asked for my phone number, I told him I don’t give people my number (like random people I just meet, which is very true) he’s like but we are friends 😂😂😂😂 OMG! !! I wanted to laugh so badly, but I told him politely that we aren’t friends and that seeing a movie together doesn’t make us friends (I’m not evil, I said all these in a very friendly way) this guy wouldn’t budge, and I didn’t either. We finally parted ways and I breathed a sigh of relief. 

So many similar stories. And it just makes me wonder what people think of friendship. It’s not about how many you can gather, it’s deeper, it’s about them sticking with you in tough times, it’s about them loving you on your worst days, it’s about them encouraging you, it’s about them being comfortable around you, letting their defenses down, showing you who they really are, it’s about them praying constantly for you,it’s about them being goofy with you without feeling stupid, it’s about you being all those things with them. It takes commitment. Something most people are scared of, something people don’t care about. well, I care about all those, and I won’t let just anyone come in. 

A friend has the key to your heart. Who are you giving that Precious key to? 

Source :Google 

You see, like the word love, Friendship isn’t the kind of word you joke around with. I’m not being boring or anything. It’s just what it is for me. To show you how important friendship is. I can’t just let anyone into my life. I’m too special to be trampled on, so are you. Make wise choices. 

P.S I’m sorry it’s long. 

Much love. 


9 thoughts on “Who has the key to your heart? #friendship

  1. liron says:

    This post was amazing!!!!!
    I truely feel the same way about friendships I have two very dear friends who am very open and comfortable with about everything and I wouldn’t change our friendship for the world :0
    My biggest prayer though is that because I am so open and close that my struggles and doubts won’t be a hindrance but that I will practice more of the praying and encouragement in our Friendship.

    Liked by 1 person

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