#writings #randomwednesday 

Hi guys, it’s #randomWednesday! Not much to say, but I love writing, and I just thought to share two poems. I’d have shared more, but for now, I’ll just share these two. I wrote both last year and I really love them. I hope you enjoy. 

It is said, 

that you do not know

the value of something 

until you lose it. 

God forbid, 

that I wait to lose you, 

Before knowing 

how much I appreciate you. 


We all have dreams and fantasies, 

I do. 

Mine is to spend forever with you. 

Yet, mine, 

Will also be a reality.  

Learn to value those you love!  Meanwhile, I’ve been watching pretty little Liars, a series and I’m really enjoying it. I’m on the second season! 
Have a great evening ahead! Much love. 


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