#womanofworth & a #Godfearingman

Hi guys, it’s been such a long while. I hope you’re all good? 

You see, dear lady, you’re a queen, and Queens do not lower their standards for anyone, doesn’t matter who the person is. She knows her worth. She will never settle. 

I’m sure you’ve been asked this question “what do you want in a man?”  like what are the qualities you want in a man?  I’ve been asked several times, from when I was in my early teenage years up until now. Funny thing is, I never said I want a tall dark and handsome man or a fair man, or a rich guy or whatever. Although I want a handsome man. Everyone is handsome in his own right. I’ve never really cared about a guy’s height or wealth or all those trivial things (to me).

 My number one quality has always been a God fearing man. This isn’t because everyone says this, it’s because I truly truly want and need someone that honestly truly loves God. I can’t be with someone who can’t lead me the way Christ leads his church, I can’t be with someone who can’t correct me in love,or who can’t or isn’t ready to love me the way Christ loves his church. I can’t be with someone who isn’t ready to be like Christ, I mean, who else does he want to be like? 

When I say I want a God fearing man, I don’t mean a church goer, or someone who professes with his mouth alone. I mean someone who truly has a real relationship and connection with God, someone I can constantly learn from, because God has to be the foundation of our relationship. 

So when guys come and talk their talk, and I turn my back on them, it’s not because I’m conceited, it’s because I am. am a woman of worth, and not for anyone would I let go of my standards, by God’s grace. 

Somehow, the world seems to think that “God fearing” guys are overrated.I don’t care. I really don’t care about this screwed up society. I know that my God fearing partner is patiently waiting for me, and I, him.

So when a lady says she wants a God fearing man, they smirk or make some weird sounds saying “that’s what every girl says.”  Every girl might say it, but trust me, not every girl wants it. When you mess up, he’ll correct you in love, not every girl wants to be  corrected, they want to do their own thing as long as it suits them.

Dear single lady, do not let desperation make you lose your worth. Wait patiently, it won’t hurt. Not one bit. It’ll only build you up. Dear single lady, if you have a God fearing boyfriend or fiancé , pray for him, love him, seek God together, still wait patiently (you’ll get married soon and it is all worth the wait. *winks* Lol) 

Dear single lady, you cannot want a God fearing man and not have a teachable spirit, you need  to have a gentle spirit, a characteristic that is lacking in so many young women of this generation. Are you ready to learn? 

Much love. Have a beautiful week.  


7 thoughts on “#womanofworth & a #Godfearingman

  1. Jirah Merizz says:

    This is honestly a good post. I also want a God fearing man– because the foundation that was formed by God can never be separated. I also grew up from a religious family and I’ve seen how my dad look at my mum, they’re both happy together and I believe God united them because they’re both believers.

    Again, great post. Thank you for sharing.

    Liked by 1 person

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