Lesson from my artificial nails.  

Heyer fam, today’s #randomwednesday post will be about something I learnt this week which I’ll like to share with you. 

Earlier this week, on Monday, I got my nails done. I had made up my mind about the color I’d use way before that day (I always pick out the color I’ll  use a week or two weeks before next “nail day”.) and the color I chose was white. 

The lady coated the nails so many times, I had to wait a really long time for the nails to dry up, eventually I subtly messed it up unintentionally while waiting for it, I also had to get stuff done at home, so it wasn’t as perfect as it should have been. 

Now, everyone thinks these nails are sooo great, I think they are too, but then, up close, I can see how not so beautiful they are. This brings me to what I learnt from this seemingly insignificant story; am I truly beautiful? Is my soul beautiful? Do I just have a beautiful face so that when people come close to me, my attitude pisses them off, or I speak in a foul manner everytime. 

It’s not about looking beautiful from afar, it’s not about having beautiful eyes or the best afro, or an hour glass figure. It’s about being truly beautiful, it’s about having a great heart, it’s about being a Virtuous woman. 

So are you like my nails (which are very beautiful from a distance, but up close I can see all the ugliness) or are you truly beautiful? 

Much love. 


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