Who are you? 

I think I should be doing this every month. A constant reminder of who we are and who we aspire to be. Do not forget who you are. Tell yourself daily, aim at it, and with God’s help we’ll get there. 

I am a woman of worth.

I am much more than diamonds.

I can be trusted, and those that trust me will never regret it.

I bring good to everyone around me.

I am not an idle woman.

I will do my best to provide for my family and those in need around me.

I am resourceful.

I am strong.

I am a diligent homemaker.

I help and assist those in need; I am a giver.

I plan ahead for unforeseen circumstances.

I smile at my future. I am not a worrier.

I speak wisely. Anything I say is worth listening to.

I am a teacher, and I teach kindly.

I honor God.

Source :Google

Amazing sisters, this is to remind you, you are absolutely Unique, and when someone or yourself  wants you to act lower than your standards, please remember who you are and hold your head up high, not out of conceit, but out of confidence. Let these words (culled from proverbs 31) be your mantra. Don’t wait until you’re a wife. Remember, he who is faithful in little shall be faithful in much. 

Be wise darling. 


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