How cheap are you?! 

Heyerrrr beautiful ladies, I missed y’all man!! I had to go on a break. You can read all about it right here

Feels so good to be back here😊. I brought y’all hugs and kisses (I’m a very cuddly person LOL) so, here. 

I saw a question on Instagram, and I decided to talk to you about it. To dig a bit deeper into what some of you might have been asking yourselves at some point.  

I really don’t like typing on my phone, the WiFi’s down, hence, can’t use my laptop, so please,  if you are one of the early squad, ignore the typos. 

The question goes thus ” is it okay to keep collecting gifts from someone you’ve made it clear to that you have no interest in them?”

Sis, I think it’s absolutely absolutely wrong. Wanna know why? I’ll definitely tell you. 
1. It shows that you’re driven by material things. (greed) 

2. It shows you’re quite confused. 

3. It shows how little your worth is. 

4. It shows just how mean you really are. 

Concerning Greed. Why do you feel the need to collect stuff from someone you don’t like. It shows your “No game”  is really weak. You think that just because someone offers you something, you gotta have it? Well, no sis, sit up and listen real good. You don’t have to accept everything you’re being offered, no matter how appealing it is. I mean, you don’t even like this guy! 

Confusion this is just obvious. You’re saying one thing and doing the opposite. 

Worth. Darling, you’re a unique, strong and worthy woman, you shouldn’t be bought over so easily with mundane things. I mean,  you were bought with a price, it should take more than material things for a guy to win you over. Do I make some sense? Someone said she thinks this point should be directed at people who use their bodies to get stuff. I understand her point of view,  however, I don’t think it’s until you become a prostitute that you begin to live in an unworthy manner. I believe you can still be “whole”  and live like an unworthy woman. 

Now, someone also texted me concerning this issue and he said,” some girls are just too receptive to gifts and girls like that are the ones that are easily bought over by guys…” Some minutes later, I found myself thinking, “what if receiving gifts is the girl’s primary love language? ” I’ll try to answer this, and if you have any answer, you can simply comment. I believe that there’s a difference between that primary love language and always receiving stuff from a human you claim not to have ‘feelings’ for. The former has a deep meaning attached to it and it’s received out of love, while the latter is done out of greed with no love attached. 
He ended ended by saying, ” If you collect gifts all the time from and admirer, and your ‘NO button’ is weak, my sister, you are cheap!” 

I have one question for you now. “How cheap are you?” or “How expensive are you?” 

Love y’all! Catch you soon! 


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