Young and Golden

Hey baby,

It’s been such a long while, I missed you so much. I almost didn’t write this just cause I felt lazy, but I just had to.  I really do not have an appropriate title for this note, maybe one will come up later.

You see, I had a conversation with a beautiful thirteen year old girl yesterday, and we were talking about career. She told me what she wanted,and I told her that’s a good choice seeing that she wants to start from a young age. Our conversation went this way.

Me: That’s actually cool, starting from a young age.

Her: I’m not that young now 😡 

Me: You’re 13 yeah? That’s young.

Her: No, it’s not.

Me: So what’s young to you?

Her: Like 6,7,8, 9, but anything ten is not young.

Me: Big fat lie.

Her : I don die (I’m dead.) so, I’m young?

Me: Of course, you are. Really young in fact, just that your mind is very alert and quite exposed, thanks to all we see, this might make you feel like you are not young.

 Let me stop there.

Like I told my young friend, the things we have been exposed to make us feel older than e really are. Honey, don’t let this messed up society fool you. Don’t force yourself to feel older than you really are, this takes some measure of maturity.You’ll be older at the right time,and you’ll be ready for it and strong enough to handle stuff that come with being older.

I remember when I was growing up,in secondary school, both junior and senior, many people (my classmates) tended to ‘push’ me away when they were discussing certain things, mostly sex of course,and relationships, cause they felt I was too young to listen to such. They weren’t much older than me themselves, but I always wanted to be there, to make them know I could handle the things they said, when in reality, I could not, I would spend a long time reflecting on those stupid things, and the books I used to read didn’t help much.

Source: Pinterest

Darling, if being young means being pure, be it. Let your heart be pure. Don’t let anyone fool you, please take it from me. Be the beautiful flower that you really are, don’t let them fool you into being a weed. You are gold, pure and unadulterated gold. Think I’ve found an appropriate title already 😉.

I love you, and I always will.

Your online sister.


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