Positioning yourself as a single lady.

For the past few days, I have been thinking about Ruth, and how she "positioned herself" in relation to Boaz. I was thinking constantly about this and single women of this generation, so I decided to read the book of Ruth. Majorly the first three chapters. Hey sister, if you look closely at this story, … Continue reading Positioning yourself as a single lady.


The true Boss lady.

One of the trending things in this society is being an independent strong woman. A woman who can handle things and needs no man's help. After all, we're in the generation that says anything a man can do, a woman can do better. While I believe it's alright to be a strong woman or a … Continue reading The true Boss lady.

What really is true worship?

I'm not downplaying the essence of singing slow songs, the psalms are full of them, and we were told to encourage ourselves in psalms...

Lessons from War room

How do you tackle issues?  Complain and cry? Or face with an assurance of faith.  There was a difference in results when the lady was always complaining about her husband And when she brought him before God.