What really is true worship?

Hullo darlings,
There’s something that’s kinda been on my mind for some time now. It’s about worship.IMG_20170710_190213_150
So many things irk me about today’s churches, but this one thing irks me more.
What comes to your mind when you hear “worship”? Slow songs yeah? But I don’t believe this entirely. True, singing is part of worship, but generally, worship shouldn’t be confined to the limited space of singing.
Worship goes wayy deeper than that. It’s a lifestyle. A disposition. A culture.
Do not let your heart envy sinners [who live godless lives and have no hope of salvation], But [continue to] live in the [reverent, worshipful] fear of the Lord day by day.
So, it’s not about singing Don Moen songs and classifying them as worship, or singing Newsboys and calling that praise cos of the difference in tempos.
No. Prayer, songs, daily lifestyle all come together to create something beautiful called worship.
We are supposed to worship God every step of the way, glorifying him with our lives. Living as he expects us to do, offering our lives as a living sacrifice.
Dear friend, God isn’t crazy about the songs as much as he is about offering your life. Imagine living a horrible life from Monday to Saturday, and then coming to offer “sacrifice of worship” on Sunday morning. I don’t think that’s what God is after.
Live a life that’s pleasing to him. Let your offering be genuine. Let’s get that myopic view of worshipping God out of our minds. Invest yourself in his word.IMG_20170710_190312_953
I’m not downplaying the essence of singing slow songs, the psalms are full of them, and we were told to encourage ourselves in psalms, hymns and spiritual songs, but the heart singing those songs is of great importance.
How inclined are you to true worship? 

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