The true Boss lady.

One of the trending things in this society is being an independent strong woman. A woman who can handle things and needs no man’s help. After all, we’re in the generation that says anything a man can do, a woman can do better. While I believe it’s alright to be a strong woman or a boss lady, I think that like every other thing, it should have a limit.

I personally think that this “boss lady” thing should be put in perspective.

Women, especially married women, are tired of waiting on men. Waiting at their feet. They want to do what they feel like whenever they feel like. Women are brought up these days with independence being drummed into their heads constantly. Noises of feminism here and there. Shouts of equality. And we wonder why marriages are being ruined. It’s because the order is being tampered with.

Firstly, let me tell you who I think a boss lady is. I really don’t need to talk much, I’ll just point you to the virtuous woman. Proverbs 31 from verse 10. Let’s call her err Lola. You see, Lola was a real boss lady. We might not be in that Medieval age any longer (after all, I don’t know how to make clothes) but we can be business women and still be boss ladies. Firstly, we must honor God.IMG_20170713_172216_162

Lola was her husband’s cornerstone. Lola was a manager. She was a planner, tailor, farmer, giver… Dang look at all the things she did and how diligently she did them. That is the definition of a boss lady, and one of the things she had as a reward was her husband’s trust.

Being a boss lady is not being stubborn or rude when your husband (or parents if you’re not yet married) tells you to do something, instead of simply reasoning things out.

Being a boss lady is not walking into your office and everybody scuttles away cos the mean lady has arrived.

Being a boss lady isn’t depriving your husband of sex, just cos you can. God forbid he gets it somewhere else.

You can be a submissive woman and a boss lady.

A strong woman has a gentle and quiet spirit. One who’s ready to learn.

A boss lady is a woman is one who has her husband’s trust. Not the one that her husband’s can’t tell things to, cos he already knows how she’ll handle it.

It’s not bad to be a successful woman, just don’t let the success get into your head.IMG_20170713_165528_774

Being submissive doesn’t mean you’re a weak woman. Heck no! It takes a strong woman to be submissive. It takes a strong woman to know how to love. No ordinary woman can do this. It takes a woman who fears the Lord, a woman like Lola.

Dear mothers, aunties, sisters… please, let’s teach our young ones not to be feminists constantly looking and fighting for rights and equality. We can never be equal to men. We were never created to be equal. Instead train them to embrace the uniqueness of their womanhood


One thought on “The true Boss lady.

  1. The Law and The Faith says:

    At a time when queens want to be identified as king women, this Queen embraces her uniqueness. Takes a boss lady to do that. All hail the Queen!

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