Love Languages; Love and it’s dialects.

One book that I’ll gladly introduce any one to is THE FIVE LOVE LANGUAGES. The thing is that everyone feels the need to love and be loved. I believe that even the worst of people love someone.


Now, it doesn’t only end at loving someone, it’s about how to sustain the love you have for the person.

One thing I love about this book is how Gary looked at this topic from another perspective. Love is a universal language, but there are different dialects. Simply beautiful.

I’m a Yoruba girl, and Yoruba as a tribe has different dialects. In Uganda, there are a good number of Nigerians there, when we here someone speak Yoruba, it gets our juices pumping. We’ve spoken something we can connect with.
Now if the Yoruba guy speaks the Ibadan dialect, and we can speak the dialect too, we have connected on a while new level. It’s more special. More heartfelt. The smiles on our faces would be huge. That’s the same thing with love. According to Gary, there are five major dialects. Acts of service, words of affirmation, Receiving gifts, Quality time and physical touch.


While reading this book last year, I wrote some stuff I learnt I’d like to share with you.

* Forgiveness and Love are commitments.
*learn your partner’s love language (it may not be easy, but that way you reach out to them more.)
*Love is intentional. (not an accident. I walk in love. Not fall in love.)
*We are influenced by our personalities, not controlled by them.
*Your single years are a great time to start investing in marriage, both the marriages around you and your future marriage.
* Loving someone who isn’t loving you is extremely difficult. It goes against our natural tendencies. You’ll probably have to rely heavily on your faith in God.
* Love is not a feeling. It’s a way of behaving.
*Emotional intimacy is the deep sense of being connected to one another. The feeling of being loved, respected and appreciated.

I hope you guys enjoyed this. Feel free to take this easy peasy and fun quiz  by Gary Chapman to know your primary love language.


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