Positioning yourself as a single lady.

For the past few days, I have been thinking about Ruth, and how she “positioned herself” in relation to Boaz. I was thinking constantly about this and single women of this generation, so I decided to read the book of Ruth. Majorly the first three chapters.

Hey sister, if you look closely at this story, you’d see that there’s a whole lot to learn from Ruth’s story. This story ISN’T about learning to “put yourself out there” like some think, or getting the courage to ask a guy out or sliding into a guy’s DM. Nah sister. Nah.IMG_20170726_140002_784

I actually wondered why Naomi told Ruth to do what she did, thank God for commentaries. This helped me understand the  actions of both women and puts us in perspective.

Now, as a single woman, whether in a relationship or not, I guess you must have heard something like the title at one point or the other.

Now let me ask you. How do you truly position yourself and your heart during this period (this time span, meaning it won’t last forever yeah?)

Well, I have some tips I have for you which I took note of while reading the story of Ruth.

* Just serve and seek the Lord diligently.
You see, Ruth, in her own way seemed the Lord. She left her people, her gods, and followed Naomi. I believe she saw something different in Naomi, which is why she said “your people shall be my people. Your God shall be my God…” She left everything and followed Naomi’s God.

* It’s true that seeking the Lord has its rewards, the question is that “are you seeking the Lord for his rewards or for who he is? “
Ruth left everything yeah, she followed Naomi’s God knowing fully well that Naomi was “empty”. This just goes on to show that she really wasn’t looking for some kind of gift or something. If anything, the fact that her sons and husband died should scare her, but she knew what she was after. Little did she know that there was so much in store for her. She didn’t follow God for the babe she’d get it the wealth she’d attain. She followed God because there was something different about him.

* One thing I emphasize on this blog to young women like me is the essence of waiting. I never quite knew the importance of waiting. In fact, I was frustrated and pissed. I mean, I felt like God was just being mean. Imagine this scenario. A nice person puts a bunch of bananas on the table, and this person has a monkey. He knows quite well how much the monkey loves the bananas. The bananas are for the monkey. The monkey knows, but the person has caged up the monkey for some reason best known to him, and wants him to just wait cause at the right time the bunch of bananas will be his. The monkey doesn’t care. He wants the bananas now!!!! IMG_20170726_135945_486That’s the position I found myself in. It wasn’t until later I let myself wait patiently, I mean it won’t hurt (okay maybe just a little.) but God knows what he’s doing with me, he’s not a mean God. He’s a caring father. I’ll gladly wait for the bananas cause I know he’ll give them to me when he believes the time is right. He makes all things beautiful in his time.

Ruth waited with Naomi. Her sister in law turned back. I’m sure it wasn’t always pleasant, perhaps, a few times, she wanted to go back, but her unshaken faith in Naomi and her God kept her going, and she had the rewards.

* Be true to yourself. Be the virtuous woman you are. God sees you. The future babe might be watching too. Just be true to yourself and serve God with all your heart.

To cap this all up, I’d like to let you know that preparation is highly important. We want to be married, but are we really ready. We may never be 100% ready, but you have to prepare yourself. Don’t just dive into it like someone who can’t swim but is driving into the deep end of the pool. You’ll drown.

May God help us position our hearts the right way. Amen.


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