My boyfriend is my ATM 

I’ve noticed a trend. I dunno if I noticed before, and just never thought much about it. Well, Now, I’ve taken note of the fact that people are in relationships for the money!!! How appalling is that?! 

Men generally are of the opinion that women are all about money or other material things. I just figured out why- women, young girls heaped that time on their heads by themselves. 

I think that there’s more to relationships than being in one for the money you can get (it’s not even a reason for real in the first place). I’m not against receiving gifts at all. Don’t get me wrong, but when you keep asking and asking and asking and asking, it’s highly uncool. The guy might not say anything, but I’m sure he’s thinking all sorts about you. For Christ sake he’s not your husband. 
We’re not people of the world. We are different. We enter relationships with purpose. Not just because the guy is an extra source of income. I overheard two ladies talking, and one of them is like her mom doesn’t send money to her now that she’s out of school, the other girl said her mom too, and she asked how she gets money she’s like she has guys she’s dating. “I have other sources of income.” was what she said. 

You do not belittle yourself because of what you can get from a guy!!! You do not date an older man because you know what you’ll get from him.  You’re supposed to be a woman of worth girl. 

Guys that think their riches can entice me into dating them will have a crazy crazy hard time being my friends to say the least, because, firstly, I’m a very different woman. Two.  It just shows what they value.

Some days back, an older man that has some kind of authority was trying to be my “friend” and he said something that made me laugh, he first asked “aren’t you happy and privileged that I want to be your friend? You’ll have special benefits” I told him I was indifferent about the fact that he was calling me, and he goes “if you don’t agree, I’ll be unconsciously mean to you” I’m like huh?! I wasn’t scared I was just mad I was put in such a position. I knew he didn’t put me where I was, God did.  So, he’s offers that might be tempting were not. 

I have a question to ask you; why do you have your boyfriend?

If you love him for what he gives you, it just shows your values and if you love him for all that he is money or not, still goes ahead to show your values. 

There are people who go further and date up to four people just cos of the money. I think contentment is something we should learn as women, not only contentment, but how to save. But that’s a different topic entirely.

If there’s one thing we should learn, it’s how not to turn our boyfriends into money making machines, because with the rate at which ladies ask, what if one day, he doesn’t have? You’ll either think he’s lying, or you’ll be mad that he didn’t give you, and then you’ll go looking for an assistant boyfriend. 

My dear friend, though the offers night be tempting, known who you are. 

Once again, I’m not discrediting gifts not one bit. Who doesn’t like gifts lol? 


5 thoughts on “My boyfriend is my ATM 

  1. entrepreneurmama101 says:

    I’m a stay-at-home-mom and my boyfriend definitely is the bread winner but I always do things like babysit or sell paintings, crafts, custom made clothes so I can have for me. I HATE asking him for anything. I hardly ever do it, even when he asks if I need anything. Before we had kids I was making my own money and I was always willing to spend on him or give him money if he was down but for the life of me I can’t see him as an ATM now or ever.

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