There's a beautiful thing about confessions, when we repeat them continually,and we are conscious of them and the grace of God in our lives,we become what we confess.

Young and Golden

Hey baby, It's been such a long while, I missed you so much. I almost didn't write this just cause I felt lazy, but I just had to.  I really do not have an appropriate title for this note, maybe one will come up later. You see, I had a conversation with a beautiful thirteen … Continue reading Young and Golden

How cheap are you?! 

Why do you feel the need to collect stuff from someone you don't like. It shows your "No game"  is really weak. You think that just because someone offers you something, you gotta have it?

Jamming with TUW #TravisGreene

There's this song I've been listening to everyday or the past four days that reminds me of God's loving and patient nature. It's called you waited.  You came out of your wayYou sat down to speak to meWhat amazing graceThat you've shown - so patientlyAnd you, waited for meJust for meFor meYou called out my … Continue reading Jamming with TUW #TravisGreene

Who are you? 

Amazing sisters, this is to remind you, you are absolutely Unique, and when someone or yourself  want you to act lower than your standards, please remember who you are and hold your head up high, not out of conceit, but out of confidence.

Thankful glasses vs complaint glasses

God helped me embrace this way of viewing things through the thank fulness glasses, because in truth, there's always one good thing in the midst of the bad no matter how little. I complain a loooooooottttt less. And I'm so thankful to God for that.

Lesson from my artificial nails.  

Now, everyone thinks these nails are sooo great, I think they are too, but then, up close, I can see how not so beautiful they are. This brings me to what I learnt from this seemingly insignificant story; am I truly beautiful?

#womanofworth & a #Godfearingman

The world seems to think that "God fearing" guys are overrated. I really don't care about this screwed up society. I know that my God fearing partner is patiently waiting for me, and I, him.