Parenting; Not all about the glitz and glam (photoshoots)

I had to take a break from reading and chores. There’s something that’s been bothering me for weeks, and I think it’s very important. You see, there’s so much people do not know about parenting, and it kinda hurts. So many things hurt.

As a teacher, I see all sorts of parents walk through the gates of the school, sometimes I just shake my head to myself, other times, very very very very very few times, I’ll be impressed. 

Parents nowadays, don’t care about their children. They unknowingly push the children to learn from other sources, they want them to grow older in time. They do not want to assume responsibility, therefore,  they hide under the canopy of “I am busy, trying to put food into your mouths” (maybe they aren’t even hiding) the children, when they have problems, need someone to talk to, unfortunately, mom is too tired to profer solutions, and dad? dad is just never around. Then the kid (mostly teens) goes to friends for advice. We all cry about moral decadence, early independence, well, I’m not sorry to say, but I blame the parenting system which doesn’t allow much time between parents and the child. 

Me and my amazing mom, who’s been more than a mom, she’s been a friend. 

Now, I’ve spent so much time talking about the problem, I’d like us to see something else, rather, someone else. The proverbs 31 woman (I’m tempted to give her a name lol). This woman knew how to juggle between work and family. Take a look at all she does. She’s a busy woman, she’s not a lazy woman,yet she has time for FAMILY, because she believes it’s important. NOTE :You make time for what you think is important to you.

Now,there’s another thing that helped this woman to be who she was/is. Somebody say WISDOM! Knowledge isn’t enough. Many of us KNOW, but we do not have the wisdom on how to apply that knowledge. Look at what it says here:

She speaks with wisdom, and faithful instruction is on her tongue.  She watches over the affairs of her household and does not eat the bread of idleness.  Her children arise and call her blessed; her husband also, and he praises her:


 Y’all seeing what I’m talking about here? (I really wish I could paste the whole chapter, but then it’ll get too long, but I encourage you to read it again even if you have read it a billion times over) Wisdom is profitable to direct. Plus her children call her blessed. Why won’t her children call her blessed? When she’s wise when it comes to managing her time. She ain’t too tired to have a solution to her children’s problems. She ain’t too weak, she’s a strong woman y’all. 

I know someone reading this might think, “She’s talking this way cause she ain’t seen nothing yet.” True, I ain’t seen nothing yet, but by God’s grace, I’m building myself and training my self to look beyond the surface of things, too look beyond the glitz and the glam,and to see things as they really are. 

I advice you, before you take on the role of a mother,  know what you’re entering into. I’ll be sincere with you, I’m not overly looking forward to be a mother, because I’m getting to know the details  of the job, and I do not want to be shallow while I’m being a mother, but you know what, when the time comes, I believe God will see me through, I believe he’ll give me wisdom on how to raise my child(ren). I refuse to be a conformist. I’ll stand out, because I’m all for raising Godly children in this perverse generation. 

God help us all. Thanks for reading, my beautiful future mothers. 


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